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Pocamarket, The World's Leading KPOP Photocard Collecting Platform

The essential app for KPOP photocard collecting, used by approximately 0.8 million users worldwide.
Easily and quickly find and trade photocards of your favorite artists.
Registered Users: 800,000
Registered Artists: 60 groups
Photocard SKUs : 200,000 cards
Monthly Average Users (MAU): 500,000

1. Search for the photocard you want.

2. If you found the photocard, Click “Buy & Save to Collection”.

3. You can see your purchased photocards in Collection.

Pocastore, The Ultimate KPOP Merchandise Hub

Pocastore is your one-stop KPOP shop, allowing combined shipping for diverse merchandise with an eye towards expanding into the wider realm of K-Culture.

Pocagrades, The Premier Destination for Graded Photocards.

Discover premium photocards, each graded meticulously by the PCG system and housed in high-quality cases to ensure both safety and lasting value.
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