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Pocamarket pioneers a new era in K-POP photocard trading. Through technology, we are transforming the experience of collecting, powered by the passion of fans worldwide.
With K-POP as our starting point, we envision a future of expanding and revolutionizing global collection cultures. At the heart of this transformation, there is Pocamarket.
The Hub of Photocards from Around the World
Users can discover every photocard of their favorite artist in one consolidated space. There's no need to scour various social media platforms in search of cherished photocards anymore.
Efficient 1:1 Matching Trade System for Swift Transactions
Users are matched with trading partners based on price, paving the way for strategic negotiations to secure the best deal.
Trustworthy Purchases with Pocamarket's Verification System
Cards that pass through Pocamarket's meticulous verification process can be entrusted to the Pocamarket vault for sale. Users enjoy real-time transactions without the need for direct interaction with the other party.
Digital Collectbook to Safeguard Precious Photocards
Users can revisit their stored and purchased photocards in a dedicated space known as the 'Digital Collectbook'. Cards can be kept for appreciation in value and physical copies can be retrieved whenever desired.

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