About Us

We craft experiences that amplify the joy and passion of KPOP enthusiasts, immersing them deeper into the world they love.


Traditional photocard collecting is fraught with challenges.

Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are filled with misleading ads, unorganized lists, and scammers, dampening fans' enthusiasm and making the collecting journey tedious and risky.


We offer a revolutionized, safe, and streamlined collecting experience.

As the world's first to standardize KPOP photocard trading, we've developed a comprehensive database and an inspection program to verify card authenticity and condition.
Our system not only facilitates easy trades but also sets market pricing standards. Our vision: simplifying the photocard collecting culture and expanding it to celebrate every facet of an artist.


An innovative platform that facilitates global KPOP fans in trading and collecting their artists' photocards, leading the expansion of this photocard collecting culture worldwide.

Investor Relations

At INFLUDEO, our investors share a strong alignment with our vision and direction, providing unwavering support. We recognize the transformative potential within the realm of digital collectibles grounded in the KPOP culture.
If you're as enthusiastic as we are about these opportunities, we extend a warm invitation for you to become an integral part of the POCAMARKET community.
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